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The company "Starterok" began its work in 2002. Selecting a narrow segment auto parts - starters and alternators, we are making progress in this business, we continue to gain new knowledge and to develop in this direction. The company is engaged in the sale and repair of starters and generators, as well as their diagnosis.

We carefully and respectfully to our customers and suppliers, we try to build long-term trusted relationships based on responsibility and complete honesty. Very nice when those relationships turn into friendships.

Our product range only high quality products, we examined producers: Bosch, Valeo, Paris Rhone, Delco Remy, HC-Parts, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nippon Denso, Niermann, Magneton, Mando, Saemoto, Unipoint, RNL, Cargo, Orme, Ika, Ghibaudi Mario, Mobiletron, Transpo, ECS, Vis Nova, Zen, ZM.

After working in "offline"-trade gain experience, we decided to start up the online store. We try to fill it with the highest quality of information: this multi-angle photos and a description, and the reflection of the real presence of and the prices of goods presented.

We want to make our website a useful and professional artists and ordinary motorists.

Our goal - to provide a service that will significantly reduce the time to solve the problems associated with the starter or alternator. After all, in no millionaires, and wasted time, as opposed to money lost and irredeemable!

Your salesman:

Alexandr Dovgiy
Worldwide sales manager
ICQ 639-175-748,
Skype: starter-ok
phone: +38 (095) 797-29-14

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