The company "Starterok" very grateful for your choice and we hope that this product will meet your needs.

We intend to build long-term trusting relationships with our clients, very attentive to every complaint from the client, and always try to go forward.

On all purchased from us, starters and alternators are warranted - 3 of the month.

Each bought a generator or starter marked our special stickers - sticker. This sticker is made of a self-destructive paper. It specified month and year of sale. It can be stuck only once, re-stick is not possible because with tearing, sticker, will crumble into small pieces - self-destruct.

WARNING! Damage sticker voids your warranty!

Warranty service is FREE remedial products, those for which the manufacturer, subject to the operating rules established by the manufacturer.

During 14 days of purchase may return the goods without giving a reason , but only if: no trace of installation of the product, the availability of the warranty sticker intact, secure packaging and preservation of the presentation of the product.

WARNING! When returning goods, we do not refund the additional costs incurred by the customer to receive the goods in the city, the cost of installation, etc. We refund only the cost of the goods specified in the invoice for the purchase.

Our managers are always ready to advise you on any questions relating to the warranty on the product.

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