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Repair of generator

The company STARTEROK invites all interested companies and individuals services in professional servicing of generators and their repair. We - a close-knit unity of purpose a team of experienced professionals that can in no time to identify the problem and find its optimal solution. Our workshop is well positioned to realize the accurate diagnosis of faults quickly to fix them and carry out a set of preventive measures. At this point we can make any kind of maintenance and repair of all types of generators for the trucking and heavy machinery.

Many people prefer to exercise generator repair on their own, guided by the reference books and information from online resources. However, practice shows that independent repair in the home or garage conditions may not be of high quality. Why?

First, does not always cause disturbances in the energy system lies in the problems it with a generator - require pre-inspection of all circuits, and make it impossible without special equipment.

Secondly, even though there is no doubt that it is faulty generator and find the root cause of the problem, it does not mean that after removing the generator will last a long time, because it was possible presence of other defects yet to prove himself to the fullest. Careful Troubleshooting generator using instruments testers, but it can be done only in a well-equipped service workshop.

Third, in the repair of some components of the generator (for example, replacement of the bearings of the rotor shaft, rotor winding and stator windings, etc.) again, still requires special tools and special tools.

Fourth, for quality repairs required quality spare parts, to get that problem as the model for modern technology, and in those Discontinued.

Fourth, for quality repairs required quality spare parts, to get that problem as the model for modern technology, and in those Discontinued.

And finally, Fifth: can not forget the role of purely human factor: each case should only professional in their field of work, with the necessary knowledge, skills and practical experience.

The main causes of failure of generators

The main source of information about the problems with the power system of the vehicle is a battery charge indicator light (battery) or other device of a similar purpose. Any deviation from the normal mode of operation is an occasion to reflect on the presence of faults.

If the control unit signals that the normal battery life is not ensured, there may be several reasons: faulty fuse (very rare), have run out of batteries, there was a break a circuit and, finally, there is a malfunction of the generator itself. In the latter case, the cause of the malfunction is often a loose fit commutator brushes due to defects in the relay controller or wear. Of similar failures may indicate a weak control light flashing when you start the engine or, on the contrary, the lack of it off. The data displays in the control device may also indicate that the drive belt is broken, the weakening of its tension or a fault on the rectifier unit. The biggest trouble - burnout (open) in the windings or their closure, the cause of which, as a rule, becomes faulty relay controller.

The problems with the generator mechanical nature are often characterized by high-mileage cars. The main problem - the failure of the bearings of the rotor shaft.

The key to high-quality repair is our firm guarantee

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